Robin Martinez


Robin has been a Hunter/Jumper rider and competitor since childhood, growing up in the LA area and riding at Camelot Riding Club.  It was there that she was exposed to outstanding training and the competitive side of riding.  As a young adult Robin moved to San Diego and started teaching beginner lessons at a barn in Del Mar.  Although Robin loved teaching, she felt she needed to enter the regular workforce.  After a short time without horses in her life, Robin began her journey as an amateur rider,  getting first hand experience in the challenges of balancing work, riding horses and competing when possible. In 2009 Robin won the GSDHJA Flat Medal Finals, an accomplishment she is very proud of.  This experience was the spark of her more formal interest in dressage and how to apply the principals of dressage into her riding.  Robin's riding and training style is what she believes to be an ideal blend of the American Forward Riding System as well as traditional European techniques born of a more dressage influence. 

Robin is a natural teacher and excellent communicator.  She enjoys bringing her love of horses and the sport of riding to others.  Her program is built on good horsemanship and an understanding of the critical skills necessary to succeed as a rider and a horseman. ​



Facility Manager

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The well-being of our horses is our top priority.  We are hands-on with every aspect of their care. 


Our teaching is based on classical riding theory with an emphasis on producing knowledgeable and functional riders. 


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