Looking for a distance too early is a sure-fire way to "miss"

DISTANCE is based on the CANTER you have. Any change to the canter can easily make the distance you chose no longer viable. The further away from the jump you are, the more opportunity for the canter to change. The easiest way to keep yourself from picking a DISTANCE too early is to NOT look at the jump too early. Instead, what you DO want to look for early is the TRACK. To find your track you must **look past the jump** to where you want to land. As in any sport that has a target involved, whether it be a golf ball or a bullseye, the key is to swing through the ball or to aim through the bullseye. It's the same with jumping. Our destination is not the jump, our destination is the other side of the jump. By keeping your concentration on your CANTER and the FOCAL POINT past your jump you’ll find that you are now “seeing the distance” more and more easily, in fact it will start to just magically appear a few strides out. There’s no need to really even look for it anymore. **As a bonus, if looking down has been a problem this method will fix that too! For more helpful tips on all the things they expect rider’s to know but don’t ever seem to find time to explain to us check our our blog at BLACKJACKFARMSANDIEGO.COM xoxo Robin