What's different here?

We teach a system not a style

It has been my experience that the American method of teaching is focused mostly on reproducing a style rather than on teaching principles that lead to a transfer of knowledge.   This lack of a system in teaching is problematic, especially for adult learners.  Teaching adults is about a partnership between learner and instructor.   Things need to make sense to an adult student.  This is the inherent problem with teaching “style” (form) rather than teaching “system” (function) and it is the cause of so many adult amateur riders finding themselves frustrated and without any real progress to their riding. 

My focus is on teaching adult amateurs and young adults.  I am all about explaining the why behind things.  I want my riders to understand the concepts behind the instruction in order to build real foundations to their riding and their horsemanship.  I call my teaching system T.A.P. (Theory - Application - Practice). It works very simply.  For everything we do we ask these three questions:


What is the Theory?

How is it Applied?

What are the best methods of Practice?


Efforts to learn need to actually increase your knowledge rather than your stress level.  Goals need to motivate you long-term but also fulfill you on a daily basis, ride by ride.  Each day with your horse deserves the joy of little victories.


Wanting to improve and have fun is not too much to ask!  For more information on Robin's teaching system or to schedule a "I’ve gotta check this out!" lesson contact Robin directly.